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Steel Challenge

The Steel Challenge (SCSA) Competition

Pre-registration is required for all Matches via Member-Planet. This can be accomplished through the Member-Planet website or the BCGC website, under the “Schedule of Events” or “Steel Challenge” portals. Match Directors have the discretion to allow a non-registered shooter to participate.Approved RSOs will have a separate Registration Form on Member-Planet. A "Steel Challenge Competition" will be held on the Long Range every First Thursday of the following months – January, March, May, July, September and November, for 2019. And, every Third Saturday of the following months – February, April, June, August, October and December, for 2019. There is always the possibility of exceptions, so please, always check the “Schedule” prior to coming to the range. The “Jim Starr Long Range” will be closed from 7:00 AM until Match Completion on all days of a Steel Challenge Match. SC Stage Setup: 8:00 AM Sign-In: 8:00 AM – 8:45 AM New Shooters Meeting: 8:15 AM Shooter’s Safety Briefing: 9:00 AM If you show up late for either the New Shooters Meeting (if required) or the Shooter’s Safety Briefing, you will NOT be allowed to shoot the event. Shooters who have not previously participated in a BCGC Steel Challenge are required to attend the “New Shooters Meeting” at 8:15 AM. Our “Shooter’s Safety Briefing” will start promptly at 9:00 AM. New shooters to Steel Challenge shooting are always WELCOME – we will teach you everything you need to know. The matches will normally have four (4) Stages of shooting & you will shoot each Stage five (5) times. Ammunition required for the match is a minimum of 100 rounds (you will want to bring extra). In addition to your range bag with Eye Protection and Hearing Protection, you may want to bring sun screen, water, snacks/lunch, rain gear, folding chair…. This event is open to both BCGC members and the public. Dean Barr will manage the event as the Match Director (MD). Owen Maddox will be his alternate MD. Cost to shoot the "BCGC Steel Challenge" Matches for BCGC Steel Challenge Members is always FREE; BCGC Members but NOT members of the BCGC Steel Challenge Club will pay $10 per Match; Cost to a public shooter will be $20 to shoot a Match. It makes the event go faster if you show up with a minimum of five magazines. You can shoot any gun & caliber from .22 to .45, so long as it will not damage our steel, as determined by the MD. A holster is preferred and may be used if you show proficiency in using it, however, it is not mandatory. We run a "COLD RANGE" during the event, so DO NOT show up with a loaded firearm. COLD RANGE: A “Cold Range” is defined as a range where all firearms must be unloaded unless under the direct supervision of a SO. Watch the website for weather related cancellations. We will try to cancel, if necessary, on Wednesday/Friday evening prior to the event. Days, times & dates are subject to change – always check the “Schedule”. QUESTIONS: Contact the Match Director, Dean Barr, at northforkshootist@gmail.com or 303-838-3434
BCGC Steel Challenge (SC) Club – LIFE MEMBERSHIP
Several BCGC members started the BCGC Steel Challenge Club for this competition in October 2014. You are invited to join this Club, assuming you are a BCGC Member “In Good Standing”. • As a Life Member, you can shoot every local SC Match for free, for life. • You will have access to a Steel Challenge set of Steel on the Short Range anytime it’s not being used by another SC Life Member and when the Short Range is available. • NO Steel will be shot at a distance less than 15 yards. This Steel will only be shot on the Short Range with ammunition that will not damage the Steel. Violation of these policy’s will result in your membership in the BCGC Steel Challenge being revoked without a refund and your BCGC Membership will be determined by the Board of Directors IAW the BCGC By Laws. Normal action will be to seek BCGC Membership termination. Effective November 1st, 2017, new Life Members of the SC Club are not allowed to sell their SC Life Membership to anyone. If you obtained your SC Life Membership prior to November 1st, 2017, you are “Grand-Fathered” under the old rules that allow you to sell your SC Life Membership. The Transfer is required to be processed and recorded by Owen Maddox. The sale can only be to a BCGC Member, who is and has remained a member “In Good Standing”. If the transfer does not go through Owen, it will be considered “Invalid” and that Life Membership will no longer exist. To remain a Member of the BCGC Steel Challenge Club, you are required to continually remain a BCGC Member “In Good Standing”. Failure to do so, results in your BCGC Steel Challenge Club Membership being revoked. Cost: BCGC Steel Challenge Club LIFE Membership cost is $250. A spouse of the Life Member can also join as a Life Member for $150 (NO spousal membership can be sold or transferred) All Life Members will receive an ID Card and key for the SC Job Box on the Short Range. QUESTIONS? – Contact Owen Maddox at bcgc777@gmail.com or 720-250-6075 If you are interested in joining the BCGC Steel Challenge Club, please send a check, made out to Owen Maddox, PO Box 867 Kittredge, CO 80457 Indicate on the check it is for the BCGC Steel Challenge Club Life Membership
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