Buffalo Creek Gun Club

International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) Competition
Winter Schedule: November 1st – March 31st Summer Schedule: April 1st – October 31st An IDPA Match will be held every 2nd Thursday of each month and 3rd Saturday of every other month (February, April, June, etc.) on the "Jim Starr Long Range". There are exceptions sometimes so always check the “Schedule”. The Jim Starr Long Range will be closed from 8:00 AM until Match Completion on all days the IDPA matches are scheduled. Winter: IDPA Stage Setup: 9:00 am Summer: IDPA Stage Setup: 8:00 am Winter: Sign-In: 10:00 am Summer: Sign-In: 9:00 am Winter: New Shooter Meeting: 10:15 am Summer: New Shooter Meeting: 9:00 am Winter Shooters Safety Briefing: 11:00am Summer: 10:00 am If you show up late for either of these briefings or meetings, you will NOT be allowed to shoot the event. New Shooters to IDPA are WELCOME – We Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Shooting IDPA. The matches will normally have four (4) Stages of shooting with a round count of up to 18 for each stage. Ammunition required for the match is a minimum of 72 to 90 rounds (you will want to bring extra, normally, 120 rounds). In addition to your range bag AND a Cover Garment, eye and hearing protection, you may want to bring sun screen, water, snacks/lunch, rain gear, folding chair ... This event is open to both BCGC members and the public. Owen Maddox and Dean Barr will manage the Matches as Match Directors (MD). Cost to shoot the Matches for BCGC Members is $10; Cost to a public shooter will be $20 to shoot a Match. You will need a minimum of three magazines/speed loaders/moon clips. You can shoot any gun (except Single Action Revolvers) & caliber from 9mm to 45. A legal IDPA holster (see Rule Book) is required. We will run a "COLD RANGE" during the event, so please DO NOT show up with a loaded firearm at the "Shooters Meeting". COLD RANGE: All firearms will be kept UNLOADED except on the firing line under the direct supervision of a Match Official / Safety Officer. Watch the website for weather related cancellations. We will always try to cancel, if necessary, on the evening prior to the event. Days, times & dates are subject to change depending on the interest in this competition. QUESTIONS: Contact Owen Maddox at bcgc777@gmail.com or 720-250-6075
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